Here are some photos from the life of Fairfield church.

Gus Gosweiler, Elder Emeritus, 37 years of service.

 The Old Stone Church

Christmas Eve 2013 photos

Pastor Mike’s photo page link. Click here.
I am Michael Schuelke, the pastor of Fairfield Presbyterian Church (PCA), Fairton, NJ. In 2006 the church camera was stolen; a church member replaced it with one from his lab, a Nikon D70.

Because we live on the waterfront, taking photos of God’s Creation was a natural, but I quickly out grew the limitations of this camera and lens, excellent though they were. My friend has given me/loaned me world class equipment and I am thankful I have been able to develop my photographic skills. I have an undergraduate degree in Art education.

With my photography, God has opened doors for unique ministry; I’ve done photography and graphic work for other churches, portraits, weddings, special work for family and friends. Photography has helped me to appreciate even more the power, wisdom, and goodness of the Living God and His Son, Jesus.