Sermons 2014

“And daily in the temple, and in every house, they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ.” (Acts 5:42)

Sermons Preached at Fairfield Church in 2014

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December 2014 Sermons

Dec. 28, 2014 “Christmas Odds and Ends”  Matthew 2:1-12
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Christmas Odds and Ends

Dec. 21, 2014 “He is Not Slow in Keeping His Promise”  Luke 1
Pastor Mike Schuelke  He is Not Slow in Keeping His Promise

Dec. 14, 2014 “Joy Beyond Happenings”  Acts 16:6-34
Pastor Greg Austen  Joy Beyond Happenings

Dec. 7, 2014 “God’s Healing Peace”  Acts 16:1-18
Pastor Greg Austen  God’s Healing Peace


November 2014 Sermons

Nov. 30, 2014 “Promises, Promises”  Hebrews 6:13-20
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Promises, Promises

Nov. 23, 2014 “God-Breathed”  2 Timothy 3:10-17
Pastor Mike Schuelke  God-Breathed

Nov. 16, 2014 “Have You Forsaken Your First Love?”  Rev. 2:4-5
Rev. Lynn Downing  Have You Forsaken Your First Love?

Nov. 9, 2014 “How to live a Cross-centered Life”  Philippians 3:17-21
Pastor Greg Austen  How To Live a Cross-centered Life

Nov. 2, 2014 “The Self-Attesting Scriptures”  Hebrews 1:1-4
Pastor Mike Schuelke  The Self-Attesting Scriptures


October 2014 Sermons

Oct. 26, 2014 “The True and Living God Reveals Himself”  Psalm 19
Pastor Mike Schuelke  The True and Living God Reveals Himself

Oct. 19, 2014 “The Lord Works In, With and Through Us”  Mark 16:9-20
Pastor Mike Schuelke  The Lord Works In, With and Through Us

Oct. 12, 2014 “They Were Afraid”  Mark 16:1-8
Pastor Mike Schuelke  They Were Afraid

Oct. 5, 2014 “Secret Faith Revealed”  Mark 15:33-47
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Secret Faith Revealed


September 2014 Sermons

Sept. 28, 2014 “A Fortuitous Conscription”  Mark 15:21-30
Pastor Mike Schuelke  A Fortuitous Conscription

Sept. 21, 2014 “Envy, a Sin Unto Death”  Mark 15:1-20
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Envy, a Sin Unto Death

Sept. 14, 2014 “Peter, Humbled Under God’s Mighty Hand”  Mark 14:66-72
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Peter, Humbled Under God’s Mighty Hand

Sept. 7, 2014 “The Greatest Act of Injustice, Ever”  Mark 14:53-72
Pastor Mike Schuelke  The Greatest Act of Injustice, Ever


August 2014 Sermons

Aug. 31, 2014 “The Flesh is Weak”  Mark 14:32-52
Pastor Mike Schuelke  The Flesh is Weak

Aug. 24, 2014 “Every Good Work”  Titus 3
Mr. Scott Leary  Every Good Work

Aug. 17, 2014 “The Great Commission”  Matthew 28:16-20
Mr. Damon Marc Savage  The Great Commission

Aug. 10, 2014 “The Betrayer in Us All”  Mark 14:27-31
Pastor Mike Schuelke  The Betrayer in Us All

Aug. 3, 2014 “Preparations for the Passover”
Mark 14:12-26  Pastor Mike Schuelke  Preparations for the Passover


July 2014 Sermons

July 27, 2014 “Mary, Memorialized for All Time”  Mark 14:1-11, 7-27-14
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Mary, Memorialized for All Time

July 20, 2014 “Not All Israel is Israel, Pt. 3”  Romans 9:1-8
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Not All Israel is Israel, Pt. 3

Download the doc here: CLEARING UP END TIME CONFUSION PT.3

July 13, 2014 “Clearing Up End-Time Confusion, Pt. 2”  various passages
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Clearing up End-Time Confusion, Pt. 2

Download the doc here: ESCHATOLOGY–Tribulation, Trumpet, the rapture

July 6, 2014  Pastor Mike Schuelke  (See Video of this series here:)


June 2014 Sermons

June 29, 2014 “The Lord Knows the Heart”  Mark 12:35-44
Pastor Mike Schuelke  The Lord Knows the Heart

June 22, 2014 “Intentional Kingdom Building”  Matthew 13:24-46
Missionary to Cuba, Richard Crane  Intentional Kingdom Building

June 15, 2014 “The Father’s Word for His Son”  Matthew 3:13-17; 17:1-8
Pastor Mike Schuelke  The Father’s Word for His Son

June 8, 2014 “The Fourth Time Around”  2 Peter 3
Pastor Mike Schuelke  The Fourth Time Around

June 1, 2014 “One Fear Only”  Luke 12:4-7
Mr. Brett Page   One Fear Only


May 2014 Sermons

May 25, 2014 “God’s Greatest Commandment”  Mark 12:18
Pastor Mike Schuelke  God’s Greatest Commandment

May 18, 2014 “The Wisdom of Christ”  Mark 12
Pastor Mike Schuelke  The Wisdom of Christ

May 11, 2014 “Mothers, A Great Invention of Our God”  1 Thessalonians 2
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Mothers, A Great Invention of Our God

May 4, 2014 “Render to God that Which is God’s”  Mark 12:13-17
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Render to God that Which is God’s


April 2014 Sermons

April 27, 2014 “The Rejected Stone is Our Rock”  Mark 12:1-12
Pastor Mike Schuelke  The Rejected Stone is Our Rock

April 20, 2014 “What the resurrection means to us”  Matthew 28
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Easter Sunday

April 13, 2014  “Authority of the Servant King” Mark 11
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Kingly Authority of the Servant King

April 6, 2014  “Is Your Faith a Saving Faith?”  2 Peter 1:1-11
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Is Your Faith a Saving Faith?


March 2014 Sermons

March 30, 2014  “Just Who is Jesus, Anyway?”  Philippians 2:1-11
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Just Who is Jesus, Anyway?

March 23, 2014  “Favor for a Stiff-necked People”  Exodus 34:1-10
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Favor for a Stiff-Necked People

March 16, 2014  “I Have Some Good News and Some Bad News”  Eph. 2:1-10
Pastor Mike Schuelke  I Have Some Good News and Some Bad News

March 9, 2014  “Making a Correct Diagnosis”  Matthew 7:13-23
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Making a Correct Diagnosis

March 2, 2014  “Do You Really Know What the Gospel Is?”  Isaiah 55:1-8
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Do You Really Know What the Gospel Is?


February 2014 Sermons

Feb. 23, 2014  “He Makes the Blind to See”  Mark 10:46-52
Pastor Mike Schuelke  He Makes the Blind to See

Feb. 16, 2014  “The Word of Jesus, Your Life Depends on It”  Mark 10:32-49
Pastor Mike Schuelke  The Word of Jesus, Your Life Depends on it

Feb. 9, 2014  “The Deceitfulness of Riches”  Mark 10:17-31
Pastor Mike Schuelke  The Deceitfulness of Riches

Feb. 2, 2014  “The Meaning of Marriage”  Mark 10:1-12
Pastor Mike Schuelke  The Meaning of Marriage


January 2014 Sermons

Jan. 26, 2014  “Jesus Christ, The Great Divider”  Mark 9:38-50
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Jesus Christ, the Great Divider

Jan. 19, 2014  “I Hate Sanctity of Life Sunday!”  Mark 9:33-37
Pastor Mike Schuelke  “I Hate Sanctity of Human Life Sunday”

Jan. 12, 2014  “I Believe; Help My Unbelief”  Mark 9:14-32
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Mark 9:14-32

Jan. 5, 2014  “The Parable of Two Sons”  Luke 15:1-2, 11-32
Pastor Mike Schuelke  The Parable of Two Sons

Sermons 2014