Sermons 2017

Weekly sermons from Fairfield church, PCA  “And daily in the temple, and in every house, they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ.” (Acts 5:42)

Sermons Preached at Fairfield Church in 2017

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March 2017 Sermons

March 26, 2017  “What Benefit Did You Reap?”  Romans 6:15-23
Pastor Mike Schuelke  What Benefit Did You Reap?

NJ Presbytery “Growing in the Fruit of the Spirit” Galatians 5:22-26
Pastor Jonathan Bromhead  Growing in the Fruit of the Spirit

March 19, 2017  “Dead, Buried, and Risen Again”  Romans 6:1-14
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Glory In Our Sufferings?

March 12, 2017  “Where Sin Abounds, Grace Much More Abounds”  Romans
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Where Sin Abounds, Grace Much More Abounds

March 5, 2017 “Glory In Our Sufferings?”  Romans 5:1-11
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Glory In Our Sufferings?


February 2017 Sermons

Feb. 26, 2017 “Covenant Responsibilities”  Romans 4:11, Genesis 17:1-14
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Covenant Responsibilities

Feb. 19, 2017 “Children of the Promise”  Romans  4:9-24
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Children of the Promise

Feb. 13, 2017 “You Cannot Obligate God”  Romans 4:1-12
Pastor Mike Schuelke  You Cannot Obligate God

Feb. 5, 2017 “We Are Righteous By Faith”  Romans 3:21-31
Pastor Mike Schuelke  We Are Righteous By Faith


January 2017 Sermons

Jan. 29, 2017 “A Harsh, but True Conclusion—All Alike Are Under Sin”  Romans 3:1-12
Pastor Mike Schuelke  A Harsh, but True Conclusion–All Alike Are Under Sin”

Jan. 22, 2017 “Who Is a Jew?”  Romans 2:17-29
Pastor Mike Schuelke  Who Is a Jew?

Jan. 15, 2017 “The Joseph Principle”  Genesis 50:20,21
Rev. Keith Graham  The Joseph Principle

Jan. 8, 2017  No Sermon-Snow Day

Jan. 1, 2017 “A Day of Humbling”  Leviticus 23:23-32
Pastor Mike Schuelke  A Day of Humbling

Jan. 1, 2017   Our annual Ebenezer Sunday (1st Sunday of new year) a testimony of Art ”Butch” Myers  Testimony of Grace, Ebenezer Sunday


Sermons Preached at Fairfield Church in 2017